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Now based in Portland, Dorset, Whotz Hot was founded twelve years ago, over a beer, by three Antipodeans living in Weymouth.

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength promoting various lines at shows and in shopping centres around the UK, in Europe and Eire.  We can also be seen often on the Ideal Shopping Channel selling both the SuperWrench and the polo Pancho

Our most popular lines were developed in New Zealand by our sister company Kiwi Innovations and are exclusive to ourselves, although cheap copies, are, unfortunately, beginning to appear.  All our products come with a lengthy guarantee and  in the case of the Super Wrench, a lifetime guarantee.

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Exciting new lines comming soon!

Check this space for updates.

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Whotz Hot Ltd 8 Southway Soouthwell Business Park PORTLAND Dorset DT5 2NL

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